Easdale Blog 7th February 2020

Episode 1: The authors visit.

On Tuesday Kenneth Steven the author came to visit our school. He told us what it was like to be an author. He told us about thesefactories that cut up the pages and then put them in the book, how the covers get made and how they put them into different languages like French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Chinese and Norwegian.

Episode II: Godly Play.

Easdale Blog 14th Nov. 2019

We had the Remembrance Service and we enjoyed it. I held the Royal British Legion flag with Donnie. We wore poppy badges bought by the Luing Primary pupils.

P4-7 have been going down to the Seil hall for P.E. to do badminton. We enjoy doing badminton. Mrs Clunie helped Mrs Gemmell with teaching us badminton.

Luing school came over to our school on Tuesday for making crafts for enterprise like origami Christmas trees, colourful pom-poms, sewing felt and painting Christmas decorations like angels, reindeer and circle ones. This is for global goal 17.

Easdale Blog 8th November 2019

First blog of November
P4-7 went to the museum in Ellenabeich to learn about what happened at Easdale back when the wars happened to help us learn more for our Remembrance Service. Our Remembrance Service will be on 11.11.19 which is a Monday.

The Glasgow Science Centre told us about the human body. They also had a bunch of stuff for us to check out like a heat camera, a torso puzzle, a head puzzle that was even harder than the torso puzzle, a 10 year time machine, a memory game and lungs.

Easdale Blog 25th Oct 2019

First blog of the term.

P4-7 Easdale and Luing children had a firefighter called Dave come and talk to them about the danger of fireworks. We all found out that fireworks can burn your skin VERY badly. We designed our very own houses out of different materials for global goal 9.
Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure will be the topic for the next couple of weeks.

We designed posters for the BONFIRE NIGHT which is on 03.11.19 at the Tigh-an -Truish at 6.00pm. The fire will be lit at 6.00pm and the fireworks will start at 6.15pm.

Easdale Blog 4th October 2019

Last blog before the October holidays.
Luing P1-7 set up virtual games for us. We enjoyed it.
We had a choice of how we wanted our lunch, the choice was to have a packed lunch or have it provide by Luing school.

Last Wednesday P6 &7 went to Park Primary School for smoke free me. It was a play. I enjoyed it.
The people were called Clare, Ziggy and Jimmy.
See you after the October Holidays.

Easdale Blog 19th September 2019

At Ardentinny P4-7 did rock climbing, gorge walking , a night walk, search and rescue and archery. All the activities were fun. Everybody enjoyed it. We had to share a dorm with our friends. At gorge walking the cold water went inside our wellies. Then the cold water soaked into our wetsuits. When it went wetsuits, it made the cold water warm between the wetsuit and the skin.

The food was food.

While we were at Ardentinny, P1-3 and Nursery went to Ocean Explorers to learn about plastic as part of Global Goal 14.

Easdale Blog 30.08.19

Back to school Blog

We made courgette and lemon cupcakes as part of our JASS award. P1 got the courgettes from the poly tunnel by picking them. We went into clans. We had some scales, our ingredients and our recipes.

We welcome our new P1s to school and wish that they have a good time.

Today we learned about weather and how some people don't get clean water as part of our global goals. Luing joined us because they gave a talk and presentation about oil being put into the water and that we are fishing too much which is called over fishing.

Easdale Blog 24h June

Our last blog of the term.
We had a visitor at golden time who taught us Tai Chi.
Thank you, we hope you come back soon.
On Tuesday Mrs Mackechnie cooked us an Around the World themed lunch. It was tasty especially the French onion soup.
Today we did the Leavers Service for P7and Pre5 graduating to P1. We sang songs and played the violin and cello. The songs we played were Trolls Orcs and Goblins and The Hundred Pipers.
Have a Great Holiday!

Easdale Blog 17th June

Hi parent and carers!
Last week P7 went to Oban High School on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
I met lots of new people and teachers. The high school is very bib.
The lessons are 45 mins long and you swap classrooms every lesson. I had fun at the High School!
Nursery have joined Miss Beaton's class as part of their transition through to P1.


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